Dancing to be grateful

Video for performance. 8min. 2018

This work of art has been produced within the framework of the project Una Ciudad, Muchos Mundos II at Intermediae-Matadero in Madrid for the “Ciudad Bailar” workshops organized by Massimiliano Casu and Carlos López Carrasco in October 2018.


This video invites the audience to perform a choreography following the directions of a health worker.


In 2012, the movement La Marea Blanca was created to defend the public health system and to protest against cuts and privatizations. In addition to strikes and demonstrations, La Marea Blanca organized other types of actions to get the public’s attention, such as collecting signatures, hugging hospitals, flashmobbing, etc. In doing so, they managed to prevent many privatizations.

To show gratitude for their work defending everyone´s rights we propose a small gesture, DANCING!!! Follow our partner’s instructions and dance for all of them!!!



English Translation by Abril Herrada Galvagni