Potlatch kid

C.A.S.I.T.A. + LUDOTEK as: Combining Sufficient and Unusual Actions Having Art

On this occasion: Loreto Alonso, Diego del Pozo Barriuso and Eduardo Galvagni.

Potlach-niño is a para-theatrical action produced in collaboration with Ludotek (www.ludotek.net) in the context of the Reactivate!! Espacios remodelados e intervenciones mínimas exhibition at theEspai d’Art Contemporani, in Castellón. The action generated an audiovisual installation which was integrated into the Reactivate!! exhibition (www.eacc.com).

The Matrix offers us a pill in order to keep us in the show, and another one to leave it. We want to synthesize with the Potlatch, a third pill. The third pill is not a spiritual innovation. It’s not a technical innovation, either. The third pill is good enough.

In the face of the usual discourse, apparently well-tuned to the Situationist International, we find it necessary to refer to this new wealth, beyond the reclamation of desires.

A new wealth which can resist acceleration, and can short-circuit the discourses of meaning, allowing a renovation of the domains of experience and its free circulation.

Multiplying possibilities. Rehearsing the socio-physical movement. Rehearsing the counter-scopic movement. Working for empowerment.

In Potlatch-niño we move and set in motion situations related to the dominant ideas of reality, fiction, image, experience.

Beings and spaces play, as does a model/scientist, a vegetable reporter, a photocopying virgin, a botanical executive, a masked writer, liberty guiding the people, many white monkeys, cameras, photo call, image lab and a garden of observation and surveillance of organisms, a connection to revolt and a silent space to understand it all.