Performances in Atocha

C.A.S.I.T.A. [Combination of Actions with Subjectivities in the Interior of the Trains in Atocha]

“I have a neoliberal contract” or “I don’t earn enough to be a freelancer” are two of the banners we brought onto the streets in 2009, resulting from our need to share, in a playful way, our circumstances and worries regarding the working conditions we face.

These interventions anticipated the social movements, such as       15 M (2011), that highlighted the individual unrest in a collective demonstration.

In them, the members of C.A.S.I.T.A. placed themselves in subways and commuter train carriages during rush hours, when workers go to or return from work.

With individual banners, the action presents very usual realities related to the working conditions we share. It directly addresses the group of workers that are the most vulnerable to these situations that, while not being extreme since there is no explicit violence (as in the case of evictions) nor a radically desperate situation (as in the case of unemployed workers), are pieces of evidence of the deterioration of our working conditions and life expectancy.

Atocha’s station was chosen as the scene of our demonstrations because of the heavy human traffic of workers in rush hours.


With a simple banner placed in a strategic choreography, the crowd that moves in its commute to work takes the shape of a demonstration.

It is about proposing an image of what could happen (and, actually, what happened in Madrid three years later) if we considered ourselves part of a joint strategy to stop thinking that every failure is personal and that every success is systemic.

Camera: Raquel Fernandez Nuñez

English Translation by Abril Herrada Galvagni