Machine Fair

C.A.S.I.T.A.[Cuando el Arte Se Interroga También Actúa]

This project was presented in the ARTBO Art Fair (Colombia) as an intervention in the form of a guided tour through the halls and stands.

Summoned by the Colombian collective Agencia to collaborate with their S.P.A.M./Articularte mediation proposal, we suggested a device for visitors of an Art Fair to interact with the objects found there.

We think of a Machine Fair as a type of Machine Assembly in which the devices, more or less simple, more or less automatic, more or less complex, take up positions in relation to humans and act as witnesses of different production processes.

A neon sign, a fan, a calculator, a gun, a credit card reader, a drone, a projector, an extinguisher, a computer, a plasma screen, a vibrator or a mobile phone are transformed into interlocutors that propose a sort of dialog. Their positions are sometimes enthusiastic and sometimes critical; they don’t show how their functions affect their shape, their identity and their relation with others.

Through some cards, instructions were suggested, such as:

“Walk straight until you reach a video projector. When you do, read the back of this card.”

In the back of the card we can read the reflections of this projector that has invited us to join it in a physical space, and whose testimony transports us to a daily and generalized issue, one of doubts and anguish over current ways of working

English Translation by Abril Herrada Galvagni