This installation stems from an action carried out in the Historical Museum of Guanabacoa with former female workers of the textile workshops that existed in this town.

The elements of this piece act as remnants and scraps of the vital experience of textile work, which is feminized, precarious and industrialized. They are connecting elements destined to retrieve memories and to revive community imaginaries.

We aim at interpreting the testimonies of these production processes and the subjectivities they generate in connection with global contexts and current geopolitical realities. They are also to be interpreted in relation to their interaction with collective and individual affections and bodies through their somewhat automated gestures.

The action consisted in setting in motion a workshop for the manufacturing of jabas, and it proposes to inscribe the narratives of these women’s work in history, as well as to highlight a poorly documented local identity, both keys to the future.

Another version of this project, a documentary, was exhibited in the Historical Museum of Guanabacoa during the Havana’s Biennial. It was also displayed in the theoretical event, which occurred in this Museum and was attended by artists and industrial cultural heritage historians.

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