C.A.S.I.T.A. as: Contributions to Art · Situations of Interdisciplinarity · Triggering Assessment

Instill your knowledge – Applied interdisciplinary reflection

On this occasion: Loreto Alonso, Patricia Fesser.

This is a work in progress that consists in gathering people from different fields. The aim is to exchange views and interact, focusing on topics of common interest. With the purpose of selecting the subject matters for the joint collaboration, we elaborated postboxes with a banner that read: INSTILL YOUR KNOWLEDGE and, below, the following instructions:

1.Write on a piece of paper the topics of your field of knowledge that you would like to share in an interdisciplinary circle, and leave your email so that we keep you posted.

2. The results of this first stage will be shared with those interested via e-mail, and they will also be published in the university’s gazette and in other newspapers of the area for anyone that could be interested.

I.R.P. – rate of realizability of a project 

On this occasion: Loreto Alonso, María Íñigo.

Do you think of your projects as realities?
Now, you can easily measure the I.R.P. of your projects:
Take a card and write on it one of your unrealized projects. 
Think about how possible it is for that project to become real.

Introduce your card in the C.A.S.I.T.A. postboxes, choosing one of them according their I.R.P.:

A Red I.R.P. from 1 to 3: You think your project is highly unrealizable and it is almost impossible for it to become real.

A Yellow I.R.P. from 4 to 6: You think it is possible for your project to become real, but you also accept that it would be normal if it didn’t happen.

A Green I.R.P. from 7 to 10: You are hopeful about your project and you think it could easily become real.

English Translation by Abril Herrada Galvagni