Black box

C.A.S.I.T.A as: Walking Serial Box Infiltrated Into Work And Art

On this occasion: Loreto Alonso, Diego del Pozo Barriuso and Eduardo Galvagni.

With the collaboration of Rotor (Association for Contemporary Art) in Graz, Austria:

Rotor is a cultural association from Graz, which has been developing its cultural programme since the 1990’s.

Interested in Earning a Living: The Transparent Entity”, they contacted us with the intention of taking the project to the context of Austria.

They asked us whether an adaptation of The Transparent Entity, which we installed in Matadero Madrid in 2007, was possible, and we, in turn, proposed a new project, which we called “Black Box”.

The Box has the appearance of a plane’s black box, a device which records all flight information, and which is very useful in plane crash investigations.

Our Box contains information about the research we have been producing on forms of production, but it is mainly conceived as a space to be intervened by other people.

It is a device made to be infiltrated and distributed among all kinds of people and their work contexts, and it attempts to become part of the public spaces so that it can be found by different people and trigger dialogues, discussions, conversations, etc…

This box asks the audience to intervene by answering the question: “What kind of action can change the meaning of our productivity?

During our dialogue with Rotor , we decided to also set up a calendar for meetings and interviews related to their networks of collaboration and production. Apart from Graz, we also travelled to Vienna and Ljubljana (Slovenia).

In these three cities we held meetings with a variety of cultural and social agents in order to activate the distribution of the Box and to establish a series of dialogues on the subject of production.

This project is intended to be transferred to other countries, cities or contexts. We find it interesting to have different perspectives from different geographical locations and socio-economic situations.