The assemblies

Working calendar of the Public Assemblies in The Transparent Entity in Matadero Madrid in 2007:

Up until now, the project has been presented and developed in Madrid’s Matadero art centre. And it expects to be able to reach out and continue to develop in other social cultural or art spaces.

Saturday June the 2nd / 19:00

First Public Assembly in the Transparent Entity on the subject of Labour.

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In this assembly, the C.A.S.I.T.A. team articulated a public debate on the state of labour relations together with a variety of invited artists, cultural producers and social agents.

Saturday June the 9th / 11:00

Second Public Assembly. Old and new workers at Madrid’s Matadero.

This Assembly generated a transversal outlook into different historical moments in the development of labour relations and modes of production in the Matadero of Legazpi, formerly Madrid’s major abattoir.

On the one hand, veteran workers from the city abattoir.

 On the other hand, cultural producers and mediators from the new art centre created on the same site.

We traced out reflections on the paradigm shift caused by the founding of large spaces for cultural production and management in large cities.

Wednesday June 13th / 18:00

Third Public Assembly in The Transparent Entity.


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Participants: Children aged 8 to 12.

C.A.S.I.T.A. Ludotek collective, (, we produced a para-theatrical activity which allowed children to engage with the project and allowed them to articulate a position of their own through a ludic and productive session.