Earning a living

On this occasion Loreto Alonso, Eduardo Galvagni y Diego del Pozo Barriuso. Kamen Nedev between 2006 and 2008

An ongoing project since 2006.

The first materialisation of the project was produced at Madrid’s Matadero art centre between April and July 2007 (www.intermediae.es).

The project was conceived as a prototype of production, exhibition, and distribution.

“Earning a Living” is a long-term project which includes meetings, dialogues, installation pieces, visual material and audiovisual pieces developed by the C.A.S.I.T.A. collective.

Our objective is to stimulate the exchange of ideas which can suggest interesting ideas and points of view on the current reality of labour.

Thus, our project engages heterogeneous situations and contexts in a variety of fields of cultural and social interest through The Transparent Entity, a metaphor for the visible and invisible processes of conditioning of the production system.

We want to impulse the research on the modes of production and the way they condition our times and our spaces, especially in the areas of the new labour divisions and the production of subjectivity. To reflect on the consequences of the production paradigm shift.