50 Privatized colors

This piece shows the disastrous consequences of the processes of privatization of public health carried out by the different governments of the Community of Madrid between the years 2010 and 2019. We do not intend by any means to discredit public health, but quite the opposite. Spanish public health has always been a source of pride for its citizens, and it still enjoys international recognition as one of the best health care systems. The predatory interests of a few can’t put at risk something so important to citizenry as health and wellbeing, because all bodies matter, all lives matter.

This piece is the result of a collaboration between the artist collective C.A.S.I.T.A. and MEDSAP- Marea Blanca (Board in Defense of Madrid’s Public Health)*. It was made possible by the research carried out by C.A.S.I.T.A. within the project “Una Ciudad Muchos Mundos 2017-19” (One City, Many Worlds 2017-19) at Intermediae-Matadero Madrid. Both groups worked together in a workshop format, meeting periodically over half a year. 

The images and the texts are the product of this workshop’s exploration and experimentation of other forms of representation of this socio-politic issue. The texts were based on stories gathered, heard or experienced by the participants of the workshop. The images were taken in public hospitals and health centers in the Community of Madrid and were inspired in other images compiled by health workers and patients to document and protest this situation.

*Board in Defense of Madrid’s Public Health MEDSAP – Marea Blanca (Carmen Esbrí, Carmen Martínez, Marini Lozano, Marisa Torres, Almudena García, Paco García, Aniano Gutiérrez, Ana María Díez, Faustino García, Alejandro Savoini, Pepe Galán, Juan Carlos Molina, Raúl Sindi, Lucía Martínez, etc.).

The Regional Federation of Neighborhood Associations of Madrid (FRAVM) and anonymous staff members from health centers have also participated in the project.

Graphic design: Susi Bilbao

Text creation and adaptation: Manuel Guedán Vidal

Photographs: Raquel Fernandez Nuñez, Eduardo Galvagni and Diego del Pozo

Web photography: Suwon Lee




English Translation by Abril Herrada Galvagni